About Us

About Us

Inspired to action by the plight of unemployed veterans, two high school students, Eliz and Leyla, started EmployVeterans.org

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, of the 20.9 million veterans in the United States, 10.5 million (50.4%) are employed, 363,000 (3.4%) are unemployed, and 10.3 million are not participating in the workforce. These number show there are a lot of veterans sitting on the sidelines. Many have dropped out because they cannot find a job equal to their abilities, education and experience.

To help veterans get employed, EmployVeterans.org partnered with Buzzfile to develop a resource that enables veterans to research and discover thousands of potential employers for 100 veteran-centric professions. This resource also displays thousands of companies that provide veterans special preference for employment.

According to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, “community groups are most effective” at reaching and helping veterans. To ensure a maximum number of veterans can benefit from this resource, we need to make it locally available to the organizations that actively assist veterans. These organizations are best positioned to ensure veterans become aware of, use, and benefit from this resource. With this in mind, we built the EmployVeterans resource to be portable and customizable. Any organization can customize the EmployVeterans resource for their geographic area and add to their website. This ensures that veterans across the U.S. can always discover local employers.

There are thousands of organizations, counties, and municipalities with dedicated personnel and volunteers who are able to reach and assist veterans. We need volunteers to help us reach out to these organizations and make them aware of the EmployVeterans resource.

“Help us reach out to veterans organizations in your community”

EmployVeterans.org does NOT solicit or accept donations of any kind. However, we do seek volunteers to help us reach out to the thousands of organizations dedicated to helping veterans. We need to make them aware of this FREE resource, and educate them on how they can add it to their site, so that veterans in their communities can benefit from it. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us.

Help us spread the word and get veterans employed.

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