Help Veterans Find Work

Help Veterans Find Work’s singular mission is to help veterans get employed.

We partnered with Buzzfile (a company information database) to build and provide a free resource for veterans to research and discover thousands of potential employers for over 100 professions. EmployVeterans provides access to detailed information on over 17 million companies and 18,000 industries. This resource is freely available for any organization to add to their site.

We strive to make every unemployed veteran find work. We want make this resource available to every organization that is already reaching and helping veterans. There are hundreds of organizations, and thousands of counties and municipalities that currently reach veterans. We want to make all of these organizations aware of the EmployVeterans resource, where they add it to their sites so that veterans in their community can discover and use this phenomenal resource to find work.

We need your assistance in raising awareness of this resource. We are seeking volunteers who will contact counties, municipalities and local organizations that assist veterans, to let them know about

“Help us help veterans find work”

If you work or volunteer for any county, municipality, or organization that serves veterans, you can easily customize this resource for your geographic region and add it to your site. This will enable veterans to discover and research employers in your community. To ensure there are no impediments to adding EmployVeterans to your site, we made sure there are NO fees, NO branding requirement and NO contracts to sign. Follow the few simple steps to setup and add the EmployVeterans resource to your site. If you are ever not happy with the service we provide you or veterans, simply remove this resource from your site.

If you still have questions or concerns, please Let us know and we will do our best to address it.

Help Veterans Find Work. Add EmployVeterans to Your Site

Help us spread the word and get veterans employed.

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Help Veterans Find Work